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After moving to Canada when he was 17, Jass Khattra went to the University of Manitoba for a year and then dropped out because of financial reasons. Then in Fall 2017, he moved to Kelowna, British Columbia, and enrolled at Okanagan college to pursue a two-year diploma in communications. 


Having a hard time making up his mind and focusing on the classes, he took many random courses such as Theatre, Journalism, Film Studies, Psychology, Survey of English Literature, etc. trying to figure out what he wanted to do. He changed his program of interest every other semester. In August 2020, Jass graduated with an Associate degree of Arts with majority of credits in Psychology. 


Soon after graduation, he published his first poetry collection, “Solitary Seasons” in December 2020. 

 After receiving a positive feedback on "Solitary Seasons" and a lot of encouragement, Jass wrote and self-published his second book "Impressions of an Outlier" in February 2022. Currently he is working on his next book, which he is planning to publish in the beginning of 2023.

His only other passion besides writing is telling people stories and making people feel things through the art of acting. Shy, while talking in front of a group of people, he says, "Entertaining others with what I create, with what I perform, and with what I write, brings me joy. I strongly believe emotions are an integral part of being human. If I can make others feel the emotions, with my words and my act, I will consider my part done to humanity."


Jass’s curiosity leads him to try and experience new things every day.  Chasing his dreams, living an independent lifestyle, wandering from a place to place, and having thoughts about going back to school and finishing his degree, Jass tells us that the way he wants to live his life is with no boundaries and no judgments.

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Success for me is about how many souls I have entertained.
- Jass Khattra
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